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about me


I love to travel the world and connect with nature. My work is inspired in the landscapes that I was lucky to see, and in the emotions I experience daily: the sun’s reflection in the water, the passing clouds, the shapes of plants.

I got a degree in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires because I felt and thought that was where my professional path was. I started working in marketing agencies and the hours sitting in an office chair in downtown Buenos Aires felt endless. One day, in 2019, I found myself painting three adjacent murals for a new project in Acassuso.

From there, my life changed completely. I realized what my calling was. I also realized that painting large and small surfaces, getting my hands dirty with different colors and meeting new people through art fulfills me. Today I dedicate my professional life 100% to art, I enjoy every stroke and every person that crosses my path, and I am very grateful for that!


I painted various murals around the world: to me, the combination of painting and traveling is synonymous with happiness. Australia, the US, Italy and Spain are some of the countries where I had the privilege to leave my mark.


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